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VIPrivate Regen Med, LLC is an authorized sales and distribution vendor for the leading laboratory and manufacturer of the highest-grade Stem Cells and Exosomes available on the market. This field is commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine.

We offer Free ExoQure Consults by Zoom. Click here to schedule a consultation.

In addition, we provide 15-minute free medical TeleMedicine consults and paid consults with experienced physicians well-versed in various regenerative medicine therapies.

Please visit our website for placing orders, sales inquiries, and distribution to qualified entities. Our product sales are exclusively associated with ExoQure, the leader in Stem Cell and Exosome production.

We cater to the following entities:
1. Medical Doctors with NPI numbers
2. Medical Institutions
3. Government Health Agencies and Educational Institutions for research

If you represent another qualified institution, please use the website’s contact form to get in touch with us. We also offer Zoom Calls with our Telemedicine Physicians or ExoQure representatives to learn more about product quality standards and uses.

For information about ExoQure’s Quality Standards, visit their website Our manufacturing processes adhere to the guidelines set by the World Stem Cells Society. The process to manufacture Exosomes is standardized to 4 low passages. The Cells are used four times using the same media, after which the new cord is employed. Cord Wharton’s Jelly is collected from healthy females through C-section in a respectful and legal manner. These four passages are completed within 56 days.

As we manufacture Stem Cells and Exosomes ourselves, we can maintain the highest quality while offering the most competitive prices in the market. Our prices are determined based on the quality of the product, making them the lowest available.

We provide various options, with offerings of up to 100 billion Exosomes per vial for various conditions and applications, including but not limited to:

1. Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation, and Aesthetics with remarkable results that are replacing other common methods
2. Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
3. Hair and Skin Rejuvenation
4. Cognitive and Brain Health
5. Treatment of Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration
6. Promotion of Organ Health
7. Treatment of Sports Injuries that were often considered career-ending or diminishing the value of a professional or scouted amateur
8. Treatment of Joint Disease and Joint Injuries often treated surgically
9. Management of Muscle Injuries

Terence Kerrigan
Founder & CEO
VIPrivate Care NYC, NJ, Cleveland
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